Launched in 2019, our adventure in industrial hemp cultivation has made us a company with a business model that emphasizes the production of green technology, dermocosmetic products and medicinal-aromatic oils.

We define industrial hemp, which has had various uses in all civilizations since 8000 BC, as GREEN GOLD because of the added value it creates.

Industrial hemp, which stands out with its CO2 footprint and H2O footprint, which is one of the main components of the efforts to leave a more livable world to our future, is also one of the most valuable plants of today due to its positive contributions to ecosystem diversity and soil improvement, as well as the numerous benefits it offers to human health.

With a sense of social responsibility, we are moving forward with green technology and science at the heart of our business. Our aim is to be a company that primarily carries out industrial hemp cultivation activities in our country, transforms this valuable plant into value-added products and demonstrates our respect for the environment in all our processes.

At the same time, we know that it is an important task to make a difference with our products that proudly represent our country in the global arena. As we move step by step towards this goal, we pledge that we will never forget our responsibility to nature. İnsitü Green Technologies Company is the latest link of ORALLAR GROUP Companies operating in Gölhisar District of Burdur. Gölhisar District is home to the ancient city of KBYRA, one of the largest ancient cities of our country. These lands bear the traces of different civilizations such as Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans and Byzantines. This rich historical and cultural heritage has made Gölhisar a center where various cultural influences blended in different periods.

As İnsitü Green Technologies Company, we respect this historical heritage and aim to contribute to the national economy with our green technology, dermocosmetic products and medicinal-aromatic oils that we produce both regionally and globally by maintaining our commitment to Gölhisar's rich cultural past.

Thanks to the studies and researches we have been conducting with different universities for a long time, at the point we have reached today, we want to contribute to public health and care with our valuable dermocosmetic products obtained by using hemp seed oil and aromatic oils obtained by preserving their bioactives.

Of course, we carry out all these studies with industrial hemp that we grow ourselves and use the valuable oils we obtain from industrial hemp through our own indigenously designed Supercritical Extraction System.This unique plant, which we call Green Gold, not only carries the infinite benefits that nature has to offer, but is also a reflection of our sense of social responsibility that we carry into the future. In each of its seed grains, there are traces of our commitment to earth-friendly production, environmental protection and human health.

For this very reason, İnsitü Green Technologies Company is not only a company that produces medicinal and aromatic oils and dermocosmetic products, but also, as its name suggests, a pioneer of green transformation, an institution that produces science, knowledge and technology, a carrier of civilization and a supporter of employment.

"We set out to produce benefits for nature and people." We continue to take firm steps forward with our motto.