We are an environmentally friendly business!

and we follow our carbon footprint.

We adhere to zero waste business principles.

We are an environmentally friendly business!

Insitu Green Technologies Inc. is dedicated to green technology, clean technology and climate technology.

Green technology refers to any technology designed to combat the negative impact of human activity on the environment.
INSITU GREEN TECHNOLOGIES uses local renewable products such as hemp and
we produce green products that include a wide range of products that can be derived from hemp and the fantastic environment that hemp offers.

Miracle Face Serum


Supercritical extracts offer several benefits for both food and cosmetic applications due to their purity, concentration and ability to retain valuable bioactive compounds. These extracts are typically obtained using supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) using carbon dioxide (CO2) as solvent. Here are the benefits of supercritical extracts in cosmetic application:

Purity: Supercritical extracts are typically free of solvent residues and contaminants, making them suitable for cosmetic formulations where purity is essential for skin health.

Potential: Supercritical extracts are concentrated, meaning a small amount can provide significant benefits to skin or hair. This concentration allows fewer ingredients to be used in formulations.



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